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Take a look at the different options we offer to help you create your perfect designs!



Screen Printing


For each color in your design, we prepare a screen, which is a little bit like a large stencil created on a mesh. We set these screens up on a machine and carefully align them so that the colors register perfectly (so all the parts of your design line up). Once the machine is ready, we load a shirt onto the pallet, and it moves under the first screen.

The shirt is pressed between the screen and the pallet, and ink for the first color is pressed through the screen onto the shirt. The machine revolves to the next station, and the first shirt gets pressed with the 2nd color, while the next shirt gets the 1st color.



Heat Press

Vinyl is becoming a very popular decorating idea!  We are using the heat press more and more to create an exciting look to your apparel.  We can also heat press Satin and Pro Twill style numbers and names to your jerseys or uniforms for a very professional look!  Vinyl is great for single orders!




Embroidery requires your logo or design to be computer digitized.  There is a one time set up fee for digitizing but we keep it on file for all your future orders!  We offer embroidery on a wide variety of clothing and accessories – including fleece, shirts, jackets, caps, hats, bath robes, towels, blankets and more.





If you need an original design - if you have the details for it and you need someone to turn it into a ready to print design, we can help.  We work with designers that will bring your ideas to life!

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